4 Easy Questions to Improve the Delegation Process [Template]

All successful leaders must able to delegate effectively. This free template will go over the necessary questions you must answer in order to ensure expectations, accountability, and desired outcomes from delegated work.
4 Easy Questions to Improve the Delegation Process

What is Delegation?

Delegation is the assignment of responsibilities. tasks, or decisions from one person to another. Typically, managers will delegate work over to their employees, but it's common for employees to delegate work amongst themselves as well. 

Before delegating, it's crucial to be clear and direct with what the expectations are for the work, as well as any desired outcome. The more clear you can be, the higher the chances are for success. 

How Do I Use the Delegation Process Template?

Our free template goes over 4 key questions to cover before delegating any work. Share the answers with whomever you're delegating to and have a conversation about expectations, processes, and outcomes .

Fill in all 4 boxes for each task, project, or responsibility you're delegating.

How to Improve the Delegation Process