How to Achieve Team Goals by Focusing on Outcomes vs. Output

Learn how to step away from high output work and instead, prioritize outcomes when it comes to planning out initiatives.
How to Achieve Team Goals by Focusing on Outcomes vs. Output

A step-by-step learning process focused on key takeaways:

  • 01 Outcomes vs. Output: What’s the Difference?

    Working for the sake of doing work doesn’t always provide a benefit. Your best chance for repeatable success is for you to be able to think strategically about pieces of work and how they play into the overall picture.

  • 02 Find an Objective

    When it comes time to plan quarterly or yearly goals, whether department or personal, your first step is to start off with an objective above all else.

  • 03 Measure Key Results

    Once you have that objective in place, you’ll need to determine how you will be measuring progress. And you’ll be measuring progress by tracking a concept known as key results.

  • 04 Determine Your Actions

    Take an opportunity to brainstorm with your team about what you’ll need to do in order to hit your key results and get closer to your objective.

This course is for anyone who wants to...

  • Get more strategic in how they structure their work and goals.

  • Identify the metrics and key results needed in order for you to stay on track.

  • Develop an appropriate and relevant action plan that moves you and the team forward.

Course Curriculum

    1. Introduction

    2. Outcomes vs. Output: What’s the Difference?

    3. Find an Objective

    4. Measure Key Results

    5. Determine Your Actions

    6. Key Takeaways

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