How to Deliver Effective Feedback by Using the SBI Model [Template]

Delivering feedback is crucial when building high-performing teams. Learn how to deliver effective and specific feedback to team members by using the SBI Model with this free worksheet.
How to Deliver Effective Feedback by Using the SBI Model

What Is Feedback and Why Is It Important?

Feedback in the workplace refers to information about an employee's performance, whether positive, negative, or constructive. It can be delivered by both mangers and individual contributors, but is crucial as a tool for managers to grow and develop their team members.

While the idea of delivering feedback on performance sounds simple, the process itself is nuanced. How someone delivers feedback can have the power to motivate employees as well as hinder their growth.

What's the SBI Model?

The SBI Model is a feedback framework designed to make feedback easy to deliver and easy to understand. 

The model utilizes three key components:


Describe the specific situation you're looking to go over. Avoid being general and confusing. 


Describe the observed behavior. Use facts and avoid using your opinion or judgement.


Describe the results of the behavior. Share what needs to continue or what needs to stop regarding behavior.

How Do I Use the SBI Method?

Our free worksheet has one example page on the SBI model as well as three fillable boxes representing each component of the SBI Model that you can fill out.

How to Use the SBI Feedback Model

How to Use the SBI Feedback Model