How to Do a SWOT Analysis [Template]

As your team and organization scales, you'll find that challenges and opportunities for growth must be identified in new ways. This free template will go over the necessary steps and questions to ask yourself in order to conduct a successful SWOT Analysis.
How to Do a SWOT Analysis

What is a SWOT Analysis?

A SWOT Analysis is a strategic framework that allows you to look at your team and organization through multiple perspectives. This framework will help you analyze what you're succeeding at and what needs improvement as you start to plan for the future.

When going through a SWOT Analysis, you'll examine internal and external factors that can affect your team and organization which will help you become more clear on priorities.

The Four Elements of a SWOT Analysis

In order to conduct a thorough SWOT Analysis, you'll be examining four key areas:


Strengths are what your team and organization do well to stand out from everyone else. Think about any skills or advantages that you bring to the table that are an asset to the overall group.


Every team has weaknesses. Think about what elements of your day-to-day needs improvement.


These are your open areas where you can expand or grow into. Think about what you and the team can do to leverage any new growth options.


These are any elements that can negatively impact your team or organization. Consider competitors or market conditions.

How Do I Use a SWOT Analysis?

Our free template will have four fillable boxes dedicated to each perspective you must walk through in order to conduct a successful SWOT Analysis. Determine the subject of your analysis (your team, your organization, yourself) and then answer the questions associated with each category.

How to Do a SWOT Analysis