How to Write SMART Goals [Template]

Leaders must be able to set clear and actionable goals for their teams. This free template will go over how to clearly define objectives and actions by using the SMART Goal framework.
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What Are SMART Goals?

A SMART Goal is the goal setting framework that clearly defines an objective and the roadmap that the team must take to achieve it. Using each step in the framework helps align the team to priorities and helps uncover any missing resources along the way. 

SMART Goals are comprised of the following 5 elements:


Goals need to be specific in order to be successful. What are you trying to accomplish? It's important to be clear on what the overall objective will be.


This is how to analyze your goal along the way to make sure it stays on track. Quantifying your goal with a metric or figure will make it easier to measure.


Your goals and objectives should be realistic. It doesn't mean that you can't aim high, but you have to be honest with yourself and ask if your goals will be achievable with the resources you currently have. 


The goals and objectives you set must be relevant to you and the team. Why are you setting this goal right now? 


This is where you hold yourself accountable with deadlines and a timeline. When will this goal be achieved?

How Do I Use SMART Goals?

Use our free template to answer each of these questions related to your goals. The more specific and clear, the easier it will be to keep everyone on track. Take all of your goals through this template.

How to Write SMART Goals